Simple. Personal. Real-time website messaging.

Super fast smart messaging for your website that your customers will love. That's Messenger!

Why Messenger?

Messenger makes it super easy for your users to ask the questions that they want answered right from the page that their question relates to. With Messenger, each conversation is 1:1 and the FAQ's that the Pubblebot prompts relate to the page that the question originated from.

  • Happy Users

    Messenger offers website messaging that you would actually want to use, every time.

  • Increased Conversions

    Old way, navigate to contact page, submit contact form and leave. This kills your conversion rates. New way, your customers message you right from the page that their question relates to. Pubble eCommerce clients have proven that prospective customers who get their questions answered are 4x more likely to purchase.

  • More Productive Customer Service

    Answering the same question repeatedly is soul destroying. The Pubblebot helps to reduce repetitive questions and deliver instant answers to your customers.

  • Smartphone Style Messaging

    We built Pubble Messenger to mirror the messaging experience that people have become accustomed to on apps like Whatsapp, iMessage or Viber. This is key to delivering a messaging experience that your users will love.

4 Reasons you should use Messenger

  • Messenger or Community Q&A?

    Community Q&A is designed to surface the questions and answers that have been asked on a page publicly. The Q&A thread enhances the host page. The Pubblebot will query all Public Q&A's to try to deliver an instant answer. Community Q&A is perfect for building micro-communities for every page of your site. Messenger on the other hand is designed to support direct messages from your users. The conversations are 1:1 and are never public. The Pubblebot only prompts from defined FAQs.

  • What about live chat?

    Live chat is great when you are online at the same time that your user wants to contact you. If you are offline, then the user is really just using a contact form to leave a message for you. We think that there's a better way to do website messaging, so we went ahead and built it. Messenger is real-time messaging application just like Whatsapp or iMessage. Its smart too in that the Pubblebot takes care of the repetitive parts of the customer engagement process (capturing user details, answering repetitive questions, etc.).

Messenger's Coolest Features

Sleek & Intuitive

Sleek, intuitive widget that blends with the host page and is mobile optimised.


Notifications via text or email.

Smartphone Messaging

Conversations feel like they do on a smartphone messaging app.


Presence features such as 'online, message delivered, typing...' are key to delivering a cool messaging experience.

Easy Reply

Messenger widget works with the Pubble app which makes it really easy to reply.


Everything is in real-time. No need for page refreshes.


The Pubblebot captures the user's details and delivers instant answers.

Meaningful FAQs

The FAQ's that Pubblebot queries relate to the page that they question originated from.

Easy Set-up

Incredibly easy to setup and deploy. Just add a few lines of code to the pages where you want to support Messenger and you're done.

Pubble Messenger is perfect for...

  • Omnichannel in Retail

    A customer has a question about a product on your site, Messenger is the most efficient way to answer her question. What's really cool though, is that your Pubble app works online and instore. Leveraging both to deliver a consistent customer expereience. So whether a customer walks into a store in Glasgow or Dublin, they have access to the exact same expertise.

  • Public and Private Organisations

    Messenger is perfect for any organisation that currently answers customers questions via phone, email, contact forms or live chat. From Hotels to government agencies, charities to small businesses and everything in between. Messenger will improve how you deliver your customer service..

  • Education

    Hundreds of colleges already use Community Q&A to build community right on top of their sites. Sometimes though you want to have a more 1:1 conversation with a prospective student. Messenger is perfect for this. And no matter who you need to bring into the conversation, the Pubble app makes this incredibly easy.

  • Telcos and Startups

    New products just because they're new and tech products generate a lot of questions. Messenger combines the privacy of a 1:1 chat with the intelligence of a knowledge base. Try Messenger and your users will love you for it