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Pubble is a messaging platform that simplifies how teams interact with their customers. Pubble’s iOS app enables you to chat with visitors to your website using your iPhone or iPad. It includes all the power of Pubble keeping you connected to your customers and your team on the go.

With Pubble for iPhone and iPad you can:
  • Get notified of new chats
  • Live chat with visitors to your website
  • Assign chats to your colleagues
  • Participate in group chats
  • Direct message team members
  • Search internal FAQ’s and create new FAQ’s on the fly
  • Participate in live events that Pubble is powering on your website
  • Share images from your device with your team or visitors

Imagine a platform for your customer communication that's realtime when required, delivers instant answers to repetitive questions and makes it incredibly easy to deliver amazing customer support. And everything and everyone that you need is right there, in one place and accessible no matter where you are. That's Pubble for iPhone and iPad.