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With Pubble you can stream tweets into your Pubble dashboard based on #hashtags. This is designed to be used in conjunction with live events using our Live QA or Live Blog enabling you to display tweets by designated hashtag to your event participants.

The Twitter stream

By default tweets will be streamed into the Twitter stream which can be accessed from the left-hand menu of the dashboard. Tweets shown here will only appear here and not publicly in the client-side widget (the Live QA or Live Blog event), this in effect is a moderation area where you can review tweets before sending them onto your public event page

Note: Tweets can also be set up to automatically be sent to the public widget bypassing the Twitter stream

To view tweets in the Twitter Stream you need to be a subscriber. Community Admins can add subscribers by clicking the Subscription tab on the right-hand side. It is highly recommended that any moderators for the Live QA or Live Blog event are also subscribers to the Twitter Stream.

Tweets will appear in the stream as below:

The Twitter tile

In order to send a tweet to an event stream, you must select the event and the type of post (Question or an Update)

To select an event click the Select app button on the tweet tile, you will then see a list of event apps where you can select one.

You then need to click Push as Question or Push as Update depending the the type of tweet and event

If your event is a Live Blog then you will most likely want to push the tweet as an Update

Similarly, if your event is a Live QA then pushing as a Question will likely make sense, however there may be instances when you want to push as an Update, such as an announcement.

Pushing a tweet to an event

Once you select an app to push the tweet to, you can chose to remember the option so that you do not have to keep selecting it for every tweet. Just click the circle icon next to the option

Remember your event selection

When a tweet has been pushed to an app it will disappear from the Twitter Stream as it now belongs to the selected app. You can still access the tweet from the Live QA or Live Blog question/update stream from the left-hand menu.

Should you not want to push a tweet to an event (if it's spammy for example) you can click Ignore this will remove the tweet from the stream and you can continue on to the next tweet

When you have pushed the tweet to the event, it should look something like this to visitors:

Tweet display on the event page

Setting up a Twitter hashtag

Currently hashtags are required to be set up by a Pubble administrator. If you want to stream a hashtag for an event please contact us