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Have you thought about liveblogging your conferences or product launches? Our liveblog app is perfect for any brand or organisation who wants to cover their events right on their website. Hosting a liveblog is a great way to curate the information for your event. It creates a hub where the participants can ask questions and react to posts by commenting and likes. It's the perfect compliment to your offline or online events. Our liveblog supports updates, pictures, Tweets, files (presenter slides / documents) and live video from YouTube, Periscope or Facebook live.

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Here's how it works:

1. The public can react to posts (comment / like). Only app moderators can post an update.
2. Updates that the moderators post are pushed into the page in real-time.
3. Your comments are delivered to the liveblog app moderators. Conversations are supported for each update.
4. While you're waiting, scroll down through the thread to see previous posts. Notice that rich media (files, images, etc.) are supported.
5. Our liveblog app is a fantastic tool to cover live events. For example, liveblogging a conference is a awesome way to share key pieces of information (speaker highlights, presenter slides, Tweets, etc.) with the audience.

If you would like to host a liveblog on your site, create a team on Pubble then deploy the "Liveblog" app type.

You need to have a paid account type to host a live event (no free live events). Live event pricing is available here

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How does Liveblog work?

Liveblog is a real-time web application for your website that enables you to liveblog your events in a highly engaging, interactive and effective way. The liveblog creates a live content stream on your website that includes updates, pictures, tweets, files and video. Liveblogging is an awesome way to curate your event.

  • Share the event story in real-time

    By liveblogging your event, you are creating a single stream where participants can follow and engage with the event as it’s happening.

  • Live Audience Engagement

    Enable the event participants to ask questions and react to content that is posted. The liveblog is perfect for blending participants who are attending the event in-person or online.

  • Creates event hub on your website

    Keep the audience informed on the key themes and announcements and drive audience participation through questions and reactions to posts. Showcase the highlights for each speaker. This is your event, as it unfolds.

  • Include the best Tweets

    Track your event hashtag and push the best Tweets into the live content stream. Social is part of the event story but is not the whole story.

  • Easy setup and Easy to use

    Configure your app, then grab the liveblog code snippet from your Pubble Admin and add it to the page where you wish to host the liveblog. The event is managed from the Pubble app.

6 Reasons you should use Liveblog

What our Customers say
  • Great Q&A session thanks to @pubbleio

  • @pubbleio love your service guys! Ana

  • With their Live Q&A events, UCC are showing how student engagement should be done


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Liveblog's Coolest Features

Beautiful Real-time

Posts to the liveblog stream (Updates, Tweets, Files, Questions / Answers / Comments) appear on the page as they are posted. No refresh required.

In-person & Online

The liveblog stream is awesome for creating a unified experience for people who are attending your event online or in-person.

Multiple Post & File Types Supported

Updates can include images and text. Tweets and live video from YouTube, Periscope and Facebook live are also supported. The liveblog is an awesome way to share the presenter slides during the event.

Multiple Channels

Participants can contribute to the liveblog using the event hashtag, via SMS and using the post options on the liveblog stream.

Responsive UI

Sleek, intuitive UI that blends with the host page and is mobile optimised.

Assign Feature & Scale

The Pubble app enables you to push questions to the Moderators that you would like them to prioritise. And no matter how busy your event gets, Pubble will automatically scale up in response.

Pubble Liveblog is perfect for…

  • Conferences

    Create a curated real-time stream that includes everything that’s happening in the conference from posts, to questions, tweets and sharing the presenter slides. Our liveblog app creates a hub for your conference that will keep everyone updated and everyone engaged.

  • Education

    “Open days” and “Education Fairs” are used by the Marketing teams in most Universities to attract new students. Combining these activities with a liveblog is a very effective way to create a hub for the event. The liveblog is great for sharing information in real-time. It also allows participants who can’t join in person to join in online thus extending the reach of the event. By linking in academics and other supporting departments, the expertise available in the event extends beyond the team at the fair. For your next college fair, think about including a liveblog. Prospective students will love it!

  • Media Event

    An increasing number of brands are looking to engage with their fanbase on Twitter and Facebook. Liveblog enables you to combine Tweets with native posts to deliver a comprehensive, single stream to the participants. So you get all the advantages of the social channels with the significant branding and commercial opportunities that come with hosting the event on a dedicated page. Liveblog for media events rocks!

  • Product Launch

    Got a great product to launch? And a brand advocate that you can build an event around? What better way to pull people onto your site than a Liveblog. Sure, you could do this exclusively on Twitter but why do that when you can leverage Twitter to bring people to your site and then deliver the perfect branded experience to your audience. Liveblog combines the best of social reach with the branded, curated experience that your brand requires.

  • Corporate Event

    Liveblog can be used for all types of events from investor calls to product launches and conferences. Liveblog gives you all the control and moderation that’s needed, while providing a content stream that’s informative and compelling for your audience. Thinks about using Liveblog for your next event. We think that you will love it!

  • Radio

    Radio shows have been pioneers in leveraging audience participation. But right now, most stations are doing a poor job at bringing that participation to their website. For shows / interviews, using liveblog can help bring the audience to the radio station's web site. This opens up additional commercial opportunities for the station. There’s a lot of value in having a curated stream that includes contributions by SMS, Twitter and native posts on the liveblog.