Twitter Q&A

Host Live Twitter Q&A Events on your site

Some events just belong in Twitter. And with Pubble you get the everything that is awesome about Twitter along with the ability to surface the curated, branded conversation on your site. Twitter Q&A works really well when your objectives are to leverage the power of Twitter to amplify the impact of your event.

How Does Twitter Q&A Work?

The Pubble Twitter Q&A app lives on your website and tracks your event hashtag. Your users can participate in the Q&A using the Pubble Twitter web app on your page or their preferred Twitter client. Your users will love how simple it is to follow the Q&A. When your event is over, we give you all the stats to help you understand the true reach of the event.

  • Twitter Q&A Events that work

    Live, branded, curated Twitter Q&A events on your site that work.

  • #hashtag Question Submission

    via Twitter or your web site.

  • Distraction Free

    Q&A's pairs that make it easy to follow the conversation.

  • Branding

    Fully Branded events deliver the perfect experience for your users.

  • Set-up is a breeze

    Incredibly easy to set-up and deploy. 5 minutes or less, serious.

5 Reasons you should use Twitter Q&A

  • Why use Live Twitter Q&A Events?

    Pubble's Live Twitter Q&A Eventsthat are incredibly easy to setup. Just set a date, pick a hashtag, grab the code and add to your site. Watch the questions flow in. When you answer the questions, the Tweets are displayed as Q&A pairs. After the event, all the Q&A's become searchable helping you to prolong the value from the event.

What our Customers say
  • Totally loving #pubble BTW!

  • Pubble is pretty cool! i'm liking this. #askbfeld

  • Fellow @techstars London company @pubble_co is ROCKING their live Q&A

Twitter Q&A's Coolest Features

Pre-event registration

Build your audience in the lead up to the event and when its show time, we'll send them a nice little reminder.

Beautiful Realtime

Each Tweet appears live on your page without the need to refresh.

Responsive UI

Works great on Desktop, Tablets & Phones even if your site has not been optimised for different device types.

Twitter or the Pubble App

Questions submitted via #hashtag or on the Pubble Twitter Q&A app on your site. Tweets can include text and images.

Multiple role types (user & VIP)

Responsive support to peaks in your event traffic. No matter how busy your event gets, Pubble will scale up / down in response.

Simple Event Scheduling

Run single or multiple Live events all automatically managed from the Live Q&A scheduler tool.

Pubble Twitter Q&A is perfect for...

  • Live from the Red Carpet

    It's the MTV music awards and the VIP's are gathering for the annual music award ceremony extravaganza. And the world has tuned into to your live cast on your web site. Why? Because there, they have a chance to shape the questions that the presenter asks the VIP's and engage with others who have also tuned in. Picture a live video feed with a single stream Twitter Q&A that is branded, curated and managed. Its beautiful. That's Twitter Q&A.

  • Movie or TV Show Q&A

    Launch a movie by creating a Twitter Q&A with the stars from the show. Or use the app as a way to give back to your loyal fans. The opportunity to engage with your idols is an option that most fans will find hard to resist. The Twitter Q&A app can be hosted on a movie or TV show branded site.

  • Book Launch

    So you want to create as much buzz in Twitter as possible to promote the launch of your new book. Twitter Q&A is perfect. Questions can be submitted using a #hashtag and approved questions can be surfaced on the stream on your book launch site. This gives you the best balance between the distribution that Twitter offers and the branded experience that will help you promote your book.

  • Live Radio Show

    You have a big interview today and you want to get the most from the audience participation. Hosting a Twitter Q&A session to compliment the interview and is a great way to build awareness for the interview and engage your audience by giving them the opportunity to get their questions answered by the VIP. .