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With the Pubble Facebook integration you will be able connect your business Facebook Pages with Pubble. Any conversations started on your Facebook Page will be synced in Pubble and you can reply to Facebook conversations from the Pubble dashboard.

Connecting with Facebook is a simple few-clicks process which can be started in the admin center: Community > Integrations > Facebook

Note: we will not post messages on your public Facebook Pages.


Our Slack integration will send notifications of any new questions asked on the Pubble Messenger widget to a specified channel on Slack, this way Slack users can always keep on top of any new questions asked on your website.

Connecting with Slack is a simple few-clicks process which can be started in the admin center: Community > Integrations > Slack

Example of a question notification in Slack.

Teamwork Desk

Our Teamwork Desk integration will enable you to push questions asked on Messenger, Community QA and Live QA as Tickets on your Teamwork Desk product.

To add a Teamwork Desk integration go the admin center Community > Integrations > Teamwork

You will need your Desk API key and your Teamwork Desk subdomain. The subdomain is the unique name of your team which you use in your Teamwork Desk URL: https://[subdomain]

Note: you will need to use the Desk API of an administrator account on Teamwork Desk.

You can obtain your Desk API key from your profile on Teamwork Desk, accessible via the top-right option and clicking View Profile > API Keys

Access your API key via this menu

Or via the following URL (replacing the subdomain with your own)


Once you have entered your API key and subdomain there are several options setting up the integration:

Add Teamwork Desk agents to Pubble: add existing agents to your Pubble community. Any agents already in Pubble will not be listed.

Auto-add agents to Pubble: any new agents subsequently added to Teamwork Desk will be added to Pubble

Auto-add customers to Pubble: any new customers subsequently added to Teamwork Desk will be added to the contacts table in Pubble

Options when adding Teamwork Desk

Once you have successfully integrated with Teamwork Desk you will see the option to push a Pubble question into Teamwork Desk in the dashboard:

The button to push a question to Teamwork Desk

Note: you can only push questions where the question author has supplied an email address

Before confirming to push to Teamwork Desk, you will need to select which Teamwork Desk agent the question will be assigned to and also which inbox it will be added to:

Teamwork Desk options

Once the question is pushed to Teamwork Desk, a transcript of the conversation will be added as a Ticket. Any subsequent replies will also be sent to the ticket. Additionally, any replies made from Teamwork Desk will also be pushed back into the conversation on Pubble keeping the conversation/ticket synchronized between the two systems.

Teamwork Desk Ticket, pushed from Pubble

Replies to a question on the Pubble dashboard will only be added to Teamwork Desk if that Pubble team member is also an agent on Teamwork Desk with the same email address. Therefore it is advised that your Pubble team members should also be members on Teamwork Desk.

To make this easier you should select to auto-add agents as detailed above. After connecting with Teamwork Desk any new agents you add on Teamwork Desk will also be added as a team member on Pubble. The user will receive an email from Pubble inviting them to activate their account on Pubble.