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Live Event Guidelines

Online live events are a great way of reaching and interacting with your audience on specific topics. Pubble helps enable you to run two kinds of live events:

Live QA: allows users to ask you questions in real-time

Live Blog: post a running commentary to your audience

Below is set of recommendations by Pubble for running a successful event

Add moderators

Make sure before the event you have added those who will be answering questions and/or moderating the posts as moderators for the app. For those that will be answering question you can mark them as a VIP.

For first time moderators, we recommend they sign-in well before the event to avoid any last minute issues (such as forgotten sign-in passwords) and also to ensure they are familiar with how the app works.

See here how to add moderators.

Schedule your event

Set the start and end time for your event. This will inform the audience when the event is taking place.

You can also chose to enable/disable posting before and after the event time. However we recommend you allow users to pose questions before the event, seeing questions already posted will encourage new visitors to the page to ask.

Also consider what is the best time to run your event to maximise your audience. For instance, if your event is for students then an 8:30 AM running time may not be suitable.

See here how to schedule your event.

Moderated Event?

Decide if you want the event to be moderated. On moderated events questions and replies by the audience will not be publicly viewable until a moderator explicitly approves them, or replies to a question

We normally recommend that events are not moderated as the event flows more naturally. Remember, you can always delete offending posts and ban nuisance users from the dashboard

Publish Updates

Posting an update to the event thread is a great way to reach out to the audience. You can use updates to post short bulletins for everyone to see. You can use them to keep the audience informed of 'what is going on' and encourage them to ask questions. An update can be text or include images, video or a tweet

See here how to push an Update.

Publish event early

Create the widget and set-up the page where you will host the event as early as possible. This way you can make sure there are no technical issues and that moderators have time to familiarise themselves with the app.

It is also good to allow people to post questions before the event time, this will help ensure you will not be short of questions during the actual event

By setting up the event page early you can also get a head start on promoting the event link ...

Promote your event

As a rule, we say promote early and often. Make sure you promote the event on your social media accounts and mailing lists. We recommend doing this in several phases. First, several days or weeks before the event (it helps if you have the event link ready), and then on the day of the event itself.

Event Hashtag

If you have an accompanying Twitter hashtag for your event you can add the hashtag on Pubble to enable you to push Tweets to the event. This is great for Live Blog events and you can also use it to post updates from Twitter to your Live QA