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Realtime Updates

You can push an update from the dashboard to a Live QA, Live Blog or Community QA type widget. An update is basically a short bulletin you can post for all users of the widgets to see.

Pushing an Update

To post an update, select either Community QA, Live Blog or Live QA from the left menu of the dashboard

Then select a specific app you want to post to from the right-side menu:

Select app you want to push an update to

Once an app is selected you will see an option to "Push Update" in the middle section:

Click to push an update

You will then see the following modal with several options:

Update options

You can push an update that contains text and uploaded images, an update that is a Tweet a Youtube video or single image.

Updates that contain multiple images will show one image by default. Other images will be shown as thumbnails which can be clicked to bring to the fore:

Example of an update containing text and images

Tweet updates will display exactly like a Twitter card:

Example of a Tweet update