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Live Blog

The Pubble Live Blog app enables you post messages in real-time to your website. For a complete overview visit our Liveblog Product page

This page details the technical set-up of a Live Blog. To learn more about running an event, please see our Live Event guidelines

Blog Scheduling

You can schedule a time for your event to take place, you can also control whether visitors are able to post messages before and after the event, or only during the event.

To set a schedule go to the admin center: Apps > Live Blog select the Live Blog from the left menu and then select Schedule

Here you have several options available:

Allow posts before/after event
Allow visitors to post messages before and after the scheduled time
Timezone and start/end time
Set the start and end time for the event, and the timezone the event will take place in
Pre/post/during event blurb
You can apply some custom text which will change depending on the event state, for example during the event you might want to display "Our VIP is live now answering your questions" and when the event is over you can display "The event is over, thanks for joining!"

Live Blog Appearance

The Live Blog can be be displayed on your page in two ways:


The app will be displayed as a thread on the page where you place the code inside your html


A clickable sidebar will be displayed on the page which will invoke a drawer containing the app to slide into the page

Sidebar and open drawer containing the Live Blog

By default the on-page threaded layout will be displayed. To deploy with a sidebar, see below.

Deploy Live Blog

To deploy a Live Blog widget on your website you will need to have access to your CMS or HTML files. The Messenger widget is added by copying a Javascript code snippet into the body element of your HTML.

To get the code snippet, go the admin center and go to: Apps > Live Blog select an app from the menu and click Deploy

Here you can select whether you want to display the app on-page or from a sidebar drawer. Make sur you select the display mode before copying the code as the selection will alter code slightly.

The code snippet you need to copy to your HTML

Blog Video

You can add a video to a Liveblog. This is great if you have a video event and want to provide text updates and Tweets to viewers as they watch.

Currently supported videos are YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo

The video will appear of the top of the Liveblog

To add a video go to the admin center: Apps > Live Blog paste the video URL into the Video Options panel the and tick the Enable Video option